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1996 Boat Yard Services and Rate Schedule

Bock Marine provides both "full" and "do-it-yourself yard services.

For the "do-it-yourself" client, we haul your yacht, power spray the bottom, then block it so you can do the work yourself. If some portion of the work requires special tools or crafts, our personnel can assist on a time-and- materials basis.

Free consultation is available from our Yard Manager.

The Ship's Store stocks most anti-fouling paints, as well as scrapers, sandpaper, particle masks, protective suits, goggles and gloves, tapes, thinners and many other supplies needed to do a first rate job. These materials are discounted for your savings.


Hauling and launching, round trip $ 3.50 ft
Pressure wash $ 1.50 ft
Blocking $ .75 ft
Crane service with operator $70.00 hour
Bottom work$30.00 hour
Sandblasting$35.00 hour
For Fiberglassing, Electrical, Mechanical, Woodworking or Painting, call Bock Marne Builders for a quote.

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